Buck- Morss_Susan_Dreamworld_and_Catastrophe_The_Passing_of_Mass_Utopia_in_East_and_West .pdf (file size: 10 MB, MIME type. Dreamworld and Catastrophe: The Power of Mass Utopia in East and West. Susan Buck-Morss · Utopian Studies 11 (2) (). Like. Recommend. Susan Buck-Morss’ recent book, Dreamworld and Catastrophe: The Passing of Mass Utopia in East and West, is an ambitious if not audacious.

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Dreamworld and Catastrophe: The Passing of Mass Utopia in East and West (2000)

She shows how dreamworlds became dangerous when their energy was used by the structures of power as an instrument of force against the masses. Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University’s proxy server Configure custom proxy use dreamworlv if your affiliation does not provide a proxy.

Socio-Political Philosophy of East and West. From toBuck-Morss was a visiting scholar there, at what was first called the Institute of Philosophy of the Soviet Academy of Sciences.

Tessa Morris-Suzuki – – Thesis Eleven 86 1: Reading this book is like receiving a fascinating annotated scrapbook from your really smart friend in Moscow. Memory of the West: Buck-Morss’s previous book was a daring attempt to reverse-engineer Walter Benjamins Paris Arcades Project out of the more than one thousand fragments left behind at his death. If Benjamin’s project was, as he put it, “concerned with awakening from the nineteenth century,” Buck-Morss’s current undertaking is a none-too-gentle attempt to shake us out of the nightmare that has been our 20th.

One assumes she did this to spare herself the pain of admitting that old-fashioned narrative history has its uses. An ambitious book with the courage to take on the images that complacent post-capitalism might prefer to forget, and the erudition to read them with rigor and wit. As for the competition between capitalism and socialism, in the Cold War “Good was defined as the other that is, as what the enemy rejectedentwining them in a dialectical death embrace that ensured neither side would escape the binaries of discursive frame that contained them both” pp.


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Project MUSE – Dreamworld and Catastrophe: The Passing of Mass Utopia in East and West (review)

He has since written a book about his trip or rather, written about not writing about it in an essay entitled ‘Back from Moscow, in the USSR'” p. Why, then, did the proposed xatastrophe, socialism, fail? Buck-Morss’s main point is the usual one about capitalism—that it is bad, vulgar, materialistic, deceitful, sexist, racist, destructive, and exploitative, and that it deserved to die. Chattopadhyaya – – Utopian Studies 10 1: Surely the Western version of modernity could not have triumphed.


Instead, the book retreats into evocative citations of the sacred texts of postmodernism, especially from Walter Benjamin’s work, in an attempt to show that Western illusions about democracy and prosperity are imposed frauds that need to be deconstructed in order to rescue the utopian dreams of modernity.

Readers more familiar with this story may benefit from the juxtaposition of Soviet and Western innovations and images and be provoked by the author’s thesis. Derrida’s ten-day visit took place in April Journal of Cold War Studies 6. The Contemporaneity of Forgotten Jewish Thinkers. Februar – Given the main premise, and the history of the twentieth century, there are no easy answers. There is much to learn from this beautifully produced, elegant work, which is a combination of art history, philosophical speculation, political analysis, and cultural critique.

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Throughout the text one finds the theme that has preoccupied the left since Susan Buck-Morss Dreamworld and Catastrophe.

Dreamworld and Catastrophe. The Passing of Mass Utopia in East and West | Pro qm

Buck-Morss The Dialectics of Seeing, turns her Benjaminian eye on the often surprising convergence of the Western and Soviet utopian imaginaries, to dazzling effect. The first chapter, on the political history of Communism, rehashes quite a bit of conventional history to put the main thesis in some kind of context, but this is distasteful to Buck-Morss dreqmworld it suggests that, after all, catastropbe exist.

Science Logic and Mathematics. For readers who do not appreciate postmodernist flourishes, the book can occasionally be hard going.

As the century closes, this dream is being left behind; the belief that industrial modernization can bring about the good society catastrophw overcoming material scarcity for all has been challenged by the disintegration of European socialism, capitalist restructuring, and ecological constraints.

History of Western Philosophy. Brakevanl – – Philosophy East and West 56 4: Susan Buck-Morss – Ditchev – – Diogenes 49 No keywords specified fix it. The scope of her research, often breathtaking, more than justifies a certain measure of methodological madness: Review of East Meets West: Perhaps even more, this book tells us a lot about postmodernist critics of Western capitalism.

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