Here is a transcript from a clinic given by the great Bud Brisbois. . Now, I will try to show you, I wore this shirt today, my skinny shirt, because it. Documents Similar To Bud Brisbois Trumpet Today. Andante Cantabile Transposed for B Trumpet and Organ. Uploaded by. segesta · Trumpets Today. It’s called “Trumpet Today” by Bud Brisbois. This stuff is GOLD so make sure you don’t share it with any one but a trumpet player! Basically his.

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As I get up to the high G, the tension increased here, the compression increased here. I try to think of everything as open and as relaxed as I can. Here is a transcript from a clinic given by the great Bud Brisbois. Eventually he began playing again.

It only worked so far, then I really had to build a good foundation. Bang, we put tension all around the air. It all boils down to what works for any particular player. This set up fits me. Play a scale from middle C to low C, then middle C to high C, slurring it all, repeat it several times, then change keys, or just expand the scale both up and down.

You grip the air with the muscles that you have. We leave this chops with the least amount of pressure that we can get by with so it vibrates very easy and all of our pressure is here stomach. In orhe moved to Scottsdale, Arizona to be near his sister. You build a good firm foundation, strong foundation and build up and learn your horn from the bottom up.

He played all styles, including big band lead, jazz soloing, poprockcountryMotownand classicalbut it was his high-note playing that set him apart. Breathing, knowing how to breath and knowing how to set the air and 2.

Bud Brisbois- Trumpet Today – Free Download PDF

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He briefly attended University of Minnesota before moving to Los Angeleswhere he would live most of his life, when not touring. First of all, they have a strong anchor or corners and they all take similar types of breath and they support their sound with their air almost identically no matter who the player is.


This clinic and some of the additional text was all pulled from my transcription of the clinic and the article on my website. Repeat this for ten minutes a day. We are taking the breath in properly, we know how to put the tension on it, if you want to build strength in brisboois area, you can trukpet all of the information in a cheap book, called the Royal Canadian Air Force exercises.

Retrieved from ” https: That is the same intensity that you are going to have as you go higher, you put more of this compression on the air. For me the physical exercise is very important.

Bud Brisbois

If your building everything else correctly, it will take care of this chops. This takes one week, ten minutes a day. He gave a concert at my alma mater Lawrence University with the group Matrix mentioned below and pictured above just before he committed suicide.

Put your hands high on your sides and take a breath and try to push your hands out as far as you can. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. He played all styles, including big band lead, jazz soloing, pop, rock, country, Motown, and classical, but it was his high-note playing that set him apart. So we take our breath, plays strong middle CI put a certain amount of compression for the middle C.

Brisbois was born in Edina, Minnesota and began studying the trumpet at age Then count slowly as you release your air 1, 2, 3, … as soon as you completely out of air, take another huge breath. At his peak he was one of the most accurate and consistent of all high-note trumpeters, and his range has never been equaled. Sloan Billy Strange Tommy Tedesco.


I tend to brisois the St.

Bud Brisbois – Wikipedia

In September he joined Trumpeg Kenton brixbois orchestra, where he took over the “scream” parts written for Maynard Fergusonin addition to playing much of the lead trumpet.

If you get a chance, go out and hear him. If you rest, you give the blood a chance to circulate again, instead of breaking down the muscles and never giving them a chance to rest.

I think I was at that clinic. That is the 10 min. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

Views Read Edit View history. The only way to play up high is to be completely limber.

You fill this area in here and you fill it ALL. If I hit a high C I will have air compression and I will explain that in just a minute. While I was not at Lawrence at that time, many of my teachers were. Richard “Slyde” Hyde Dick Nash. Making sure we warm up all of our muscles. When I got louder, I pushed a little bit more air through the horn. Oh, by the way by developing and utilizing this compression and building the muscles here, we put our pressure here stomach as opposed to here chopsso we are utilizing less pressure here chops.

He quit the music business entirely and moved to Beverly Hillswhere for a time he worked as a Porsche salesman. With this type of a breath, then we put support or what I call compression on the air, we put pressure on the air once we get it down here.

Around he left Kenton to work in the Los Angeles recording studios.