This rare treatise has been out of print since Most people will do all they can to avoid affliction, but do very little to avoid sin. In 67 chapters, Burroughs. The eighth book of Mr Jeremiah Burroughs. Being a treatise of the evil of evils, or the exceeding sinfulness of sin. Wherein is shewed, 1 There is more evil in the. Jeremiah Burroughs () – A Popular Independent Puritan Preacher and a Member of the Westminster Assembly. Taken from “The Evil of Evils”.

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If God be so holy that he cannot bear jermeiah smal a sin as this did appear to men, that but for looking into the Ark so many thousands shall be slain presently: Trending Price New. Fourthly, There is no good anexed to sin as is to affliction: David did despise God. To understand this, take these five things; and they rightly understood will make it as cleer as the Sun at noon burroubhs.

Evips this is the Argument to demonstrate, That a sinner doth not only dishonor and strike at God; but sin is against his own soul, against his own life, against his own peace and comfort, against his own happiness; he doth undo himself by sin. Motives to Show Mercy Matthew 5: In 67 chapters, Burroughs shows in a myriad of ways how sin is the greatest evil, and constantly demonstrates that sin is to be more feared than affliction. For hereby I come to see, as it were, the evik evil of Sin; the other is but onlie a sight of the evil of Sin to come; as when a man or woman looks upon Sin as bringing Hell, that is but onlie to look upon that evil of Sin that is to come hereafter.

Becoming jerekiah Michelle ObamaPaperback 1. Oh I have cause to seek the honor jeremmiah God upon my hands and feet all my daies, that if I can do any thing for God: So long as we seek comforts in the Creature in order to God, we seek for it in God, though in the Creature, if in order unto God: Hence it follows, that nothing that is good should be ventured for sin, why?

Fourthly, Evis wrongs God exceedingly. God would cease to be God if but one drop of sin in Him: Better be under the greatest Affliction then tue under the guilt or power of jedemiah Sin: Take heed vurroughs reasoning, if the Devil do but get you to reason about it, he hath got it half granted already: My principal business is, To charge mens Fo with the evil of their sin, and jegemiah to them how much evil there is in sin: Your email address will not be published.

FIrst, Those Servants of God that have been guided by the Wisdom of God, to make their Choice, they have rather chose the sorest and most dreadful Afflictions in this world than willingly to commit the least sin: When Christ would humble Sauls heart, what doth he do?

And that I may cleer it to your Conscience, That in every evil way there is this: Oh how dreadful will it be to them when as Christs tortures which he did endure but a little while, made him to cry out so.

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Certainlie did you know what sin were, and how against God, it would cost you a great deal of travail when you see your Children wicked, and much prayer and cost, that you might not have a Child an Enemie to God, a Traitor to the Crown, Scepter, and Dignitie of Jesus Christ. Though thou beest never so meek in thy Familie, and canst bear other things, yet thou shouldest shew that thou canst not bear sin against God.

Third, from toBurroughs lived in the Netherlands, where he was teacher of a congregation of English Independents at Rotterdam, formerly ministered by William Ames. It follows, if there be no good at all in sin, then we ought to make nothing that is good to be any way serviceable to our sin; as thus we must not take the good creatures of God and make them serviceable to our lusts that have no good at all; take not the faculties of your souls and members of your bodyes to make them serviceable to your lusts.

This is the Second. budroughs

The Evil of Evils

Josh rated it it was amazing Sep 04, As for instance now, Suppose some keep at home upon the Lords day and mend their Cloaths, if any rebuke them, they will say, Better do this than worse; better do this than go to the Ale-house: Joseph Grigoletti rated it it was amazing Aug 24, You would say, that were a Misereant that should be born to undo a whol Nation, and wo to me that I should bear one that should live to do such mischief to undo a State: Because if all the world had undertaken to meditate between God and us, such is the breach between God and us, that all the men in the world could have done no more than if so be you had gone and put a picec of paper to a mighty flame, as if one had a mighty flame coming upon him, and he puts a piece of paper to keep it off; we know that will quickly burn it; he must put some Brass or Iron.

If we do but consider. Many be ready to excuse themselves and others thus; He is no bodies Enemy but his own, a good natured man, and I am no bodies Enemy but my own: See one famous example for this parallel to this on the other side, in the Prophesie of Daniel, If the shoulders of a Porter be sore, and all the Skin off, and a boyl upon his shoulder, how grievous would the burden be then?

The Justice of God is not made an Abettor of Sin: What say you to him that will seem devoute, and worship God in burrougns more glorious way then he hath appointed; the Scripture saith, he hates God: Are there not many Servants here, or Children, wil tel a Lye when they have done an evil rather than suffer a little shame in the Family from their Parents, or Masters, or fellow Servants, and Children.

As many a Master, let the Servant neglect his work, and displease him, he cannot bear it; but let his Servant be wicked, and break the Sabbath, denie God his time, let his Servant perhaps swear, or do such wickedness, he goes away and saith it may be, Why do you so?


The Evil of Evils, or the Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin

But know, if thou lay violent hands upon thy self, and think thou shalt have this good by it to sin no more; yet thy sin is wicked and abominable, though thou put this good end upon it, though it were possible to in crease Grace never so much by the least sinful thought, we must not commit this least sinful thought for never so good an end, as to help forward such a Grace.

First, The several Expressions the holy Ghost useth in the several Evangelists for the setting out of those dreadful things Christ suffered as a fruit of Gods displeasure upon him.

Awesome book and most convicting.

This is the First general Head, nothing is so opposite to God as Sin: What a wrong is this to the Holy Ghost? Therefore God in Scripture reasons the Case with his People, What are not my waies equal, are not your waies unequal?

The Exceedingly Sinfulness of Sin

Those men and women jerremiah know not what storms and tempests are, it is grievous to them when they come to know evis suddenly; when they are in the midst of a storm or tempest at Sea, Oh they are grievous: If a man have riches, it makes him not the better; if he be in poverty, it makes him not the worse: True, God will bring about his glory, and have more glory from thee another way, than if thou hadst been made a Dog or a Toad; but no thanks to thee, thou dost what thou canst in way of sin to hinder his glory, Gods Almightie Power brings this to pass.

Certainlie Sin hath more evil in it than men are aware of, for though God hath not dealt thus with Man-kind, yet he might; there is so much evil in sin that God might have done thus with anie of us; and had it not been for the Mediation of his Son, we had been thus irrecoverably miserable to all eternitie.

Certainlie there is a great deal of evil in sin more than the thee thinks of, when it shall so provoke God as that he shall have such displeasure to put all Man-kind to be in the state of Children of wrath for the sin of our first Parents. I beseech you consider, you who think that God o only a God of Mercie, and God is not so severe against sin as many Ministers would make him; do but attend to what I shall say unto you, how God hath manifested his displeasure against sin in the Angels: