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He went through this experience very regularly. Politique relative aux cookies. He was terrified, his hair stood up all over his body. Ananda engaged an experiment at Hessdalen, where compassionate love and will power were both used together with his protocols. A series of exotic materials have been influxing the whole solar system. Delayed… This is also a massive subject.

Then we welcomed after coffee time, our guest Ananda Bosman. Cooper had a 38 level above top secret clearance — stated that Sitchin anqnda involved in being an agent of Project Aquarius, which engages psychological operations, including the idea of neo-Darwinism, where mankind is created by gene splicing…. There is a specific design behind this. NASA confirms today that the solar system is migrating at 43, miles per hour towards the Hercules system at this specific speed.

We thanked Ananda very warmly and promised to keep working with him and take part in his continuing civilian effort in contact research and free energy technology.

By Novemberwhen we had perfect galactic conjunction of the ecliptic it was notaccording the US Naval observatoriesthese gamma rays were being transduced through our sun, as gamma lasers from this galactic gamma net.


He wrote that in his book The Alien Presence in there was no internet at bbosman timehe spent 15 hours a day in the libraries gathering research. He mentioned our unique relationship with Sirius, the brighest star out there, its day helical rising with our sun is a consistent phenomenon for thousands of years, like our planet goes around the sun in days, communicating and synchronizing musically and harmonically to our Bbosman.

The plasma-toroidal density of our outer solar system has drastically changed from to Jupiter receives brighter new auroras, same with Saturn and Uranus, new cosmic events, etc. One tribe coming from this Sarasvati culture, was a group of peoples called the Anus, they founded the Lake Van civilisation, parts of the black sea civilisations, and the Ilamites, and on to found Mesopotamia.

They were of the technician class of humanoid species [there are many types in this class of technicians] operating the ship. Above the Genotopic plane, is the Hypertopic plane of Dr.

It is based upon dead DNA models [dead through the electron microscope], it describes non animate systems like metals and crystals, and cannot describe animate genetics, which has more than two potentials like the DNA base pair. During the s, his contacts were relaying to him that in fact all reality is being re-edited.

Listen to Hold the Manu (432 Hz) now.

Hyper-evolution says that humanity is the sum of our future and our past, in any and every moment. The Pentagram slide regarding the dynamic structure of our solar system. These were special new type of gamma rays never seen before, synchronized at the same time at the same gigahertz frequencies, the 24 tetrahedrons hosman synchronized. The way anabda the conch shells unfold is according to knowing the future, as well as the ajanda, it requires these 6 arrows of time to be in a living animate, not quantum dead space.


He has many dozens of testimonials on film of landings and sightings, humanoids etc. Check out more of his slides regarding our DNA and our base pairs and his explanation. John Mack was probably murdered. Since these findings have been accepted and are empirical in the biological science, the logistics for evolutionary theory changes [Enclosed is one paper from Dr.

He had to translate to them the fear she expressed, based upon her reptile brain. Not just engaging bozman warming, but transforming the active geological systems. Nothing natural at that distance can resist the suns gravitational attraction… Spanning from the NASA SOHO photos he has assembled from onwards, the photos and films document these stations repairing, retuning the Sun.

Ananda preparing a speech in Italy to a symposium on new energy, on the nuclear waste reversal, hadronic engineers have realised with some of the plasmArc flow reactors. He showed anaanda Ceres and the asteroid belt. Furthermore, scientists at the university of London, specializing in Sumer, stated clearly that Sitchin is not an accepted Sumerian scholar, not even in the slightest, and he mixed and chopped the texts, between Akadian and Sumerian versions, chopping off the last paragraphs bosmaan change the meanings to adjust them to his theories, and to produce the neo-Darwinism now attempting to be pushed, as a PsyOp….

He described the E.