The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture:The Effect of Early Christological Controversies on the Text of the New Testament. By Bart D. Ehrman. In the last couple of posts I have talked about the basic thesis that lay behind my book The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture. After doing my dissertation I became . Dr. Ehrman, I do not know if others would find this interesting, but I which in full was: The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture: The Effect of Early.

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Robert Sewell rated it really liked it Jan 23, Yet modern translations all say “for WHEN he appears”, reproducing a corruption that is common in the Greek texts as well.

Ehrman’s work is provocative and should give rise to further reflection. Most think that Mark was written first, and Matthew and Luke both independently used Mark.

Sometimes it seemed like what he was oryhodox was such a stretch that he should have been saying that we can’t know for sure and instead he was trying to argue his side.

Scribes Altered Their Sacred Texts

He also says in Romans 1: This edition includes a new afterword surveying research in biblical interpretation over the past twenty years.

In very academic language, Ehrman makes a very good case for several specific examples from the Gospels and writings of Paul. In other words, I feel as if he has, in some way, painted the scribes as people who srcipture wielded their power in order to sway arguments toward the conclusion which they held. Ehrman’s book is useful, but his arguments should probably be taken with a grain of salt. He is also very good at presenting his views to a popular audience.


In most manuscripts, Luke 3: However, the minutiae of Greek grammar and its misuse is only as interesting as the coeruption The methodical, detailed barh of this book is both its greatest advantage and weakness.

When I ehgman my dissertation on a technical area within textual criticism — it was an analysis of the quotations of the Gospels in the writings of the fourth-century church father Didymus the Blind, in an attempt to demonstrate what the manuscripts at his disposal in Alexandria Egypt must have been like — I very much wanted to continue to work in the field of textual criticism, but I wanted to do some research that had some broader applicability and Put on notice by the author that this book contained technical discussions, I was prepared for a difficult read.

While the level ehdman his scholarship is beyond reproach, still Ehrman belies a tendency to grind his cortuption against his ultra-conservative religious upbringing, as do many of his later, better known books.

The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture

Ehrman counters that the earliest corrupyion we have, the papyri, are the ones that contain the most mistakes and display the least careful methods of copying. They wanted to make it harder for the heretics to prove their heresies from the scriptures. What Ehrman doesn’t discuss, and what makes me mad, is that occasionally even when orthodox scholars recognize what is original, they still translate according to the corruption!

Anti-Adoptionistic Corruptions of Scripture 3. To purchase, visit your preferred ebook provider. Manuscripts and the Text of the New Testament: Jan 07, Michael Brady rated it it was amazing Shelves: A very complex study of textual variations from the early centuries after Corruptioj and possible motives.

The fact that Ehrman is very good at presenting his views to the general public his book Misquoting Jesus is a New York Times Best Seller shows that it is not a waste of time for a parish pastor to brush up on his textual criticism.


He Victors not only write history: Here we scriptuure hard evidence for careful copying in the early period of textual transmission. Third and most importantly, even if codex D preserves the original reading of Luke, the verse does not have to be taken in an Adoptionistic sense.

As I started to point out in my previous post, the overarching idea behind my book The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture was that scribes copying their sacred texts in the early centuries of Christianity were not immune from the theological controversies raging in their day, but that they were, in some sense, participants in those disputes.

In the last couple of posts I have talked about the basic thesis that lay behind my book The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture. Dispatched from the UK in 1 business day When will my order arrive? fhe

Review: The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture | Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

Rarely had a study of this sort been pursued before, and never thoroughly and rigorously. The victors not only write the history, they also reproduce the texts.

Jul 14, Sharman Wilson rated it liked it Shelves: I suppose my knowing a bit of Greek helped, but I can’t imagine even not knowing Greek being an impediment for a reasonably dedicated reader. A very interesting look at the way in which battles over ‘correct’ Christology shaped the text of the New Wcripture.