Get this from a library! Beck Depressions-Inventar: BDI II. Revision. [Martin Hautzinger; Ferdinand Keller; Christine Kühner; Aaron T Beck]. Beck Depressions-Inventar-II (BDI-II). Der BDI-II (Haut- zinger, Keller & Kühner, ) erfasst anhand von 21 Items die Ausprägung einer depressiven. Download Citation on ResearchGate | The Beck Depression Inventory in clinical practice Depressivität wurde mit dem Beck-Depressions-Inventar (BDI) II [11].

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As a first strategy for making the BDI more efficient, the number of symptoms could be reduced. Age-specific norms were not determined because the sample sizes of the gender-specific age groups were too small.

If you have the feeling somewhat more than rarely, circle 2. Center for Cognitive Therapy.

Archived from the original on July 19, J Gen Intern Med. I am disappointed in myself. I worry about my looks. Also, sleep loss and appetite loss items were revised neck assess both increases and decreases in sleep and appetite.

While in both groups of patients well-being and resilience increased and depressive symptoms declined, the decline of depressive symptoms and the increase of positive affect and resilience were more pronounced in the PP group.

Beck Depression Inventory – Wikipedia

The standardized cutoffs used differ from the original:. The results support the notion that even a short intervention using PP alone alleviates depressive symptoms and depresaions well-being. Journal of public health Oxford, England. The present study served to test for the effects of two interventions from PP best possible self, three good things when practised by depressive patients for three weeks without any other concomitant psychotherapy.

The total BDI-O score is obtained inventsr summing across the 21 symptom-scores. Patients in the control group wrote down images of the future of mankind for one week and early memories for two weeks.


Beck developed a triad of negative cognitions about the world, the future, and the self, which play a major role in depression. Psychometric properties of the Beck Depression Inventory: Confirmatory factor analyses showed a slight deviation from perfect measurement equivalence 1. Twenty-five years of evaluation. How do you feel about life? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Depressjons and Privacy Policy. Higher total scores indicate more dfpressions depressive symptoms.

Effects of Positive Psychology PP have been shown in several studies to alleviate depressive symptoms in patients suffering from major depression or dysthymia when administered within psychotherapy.

The BDI-O includes dbi symptoms of depression. As a consequence of this format, participants have to read a total of 84 items. This questionnaire is about your present feelings.

Because the gender effect was significant and consistent across all age groups, gender-specific norms were obtained in addition to non-specific norms. Although the effects were of marginal significance, this may be attributed to the relatively small sample size. Reading 84 statements sometimes exceeds the capacity of acutely depressive people. An example of the triad in action taken from Brown is the case of a student obtaining poor exam results:.

First, we dropped the weight loss symptom of depression because this symptom was found to have the lowest item total correlation in several studies e. Both versions discriminated depressed individuals about equally well from normal individuals.

Optimierung des Beck-Depression-Inventars

For each question, please indicate how often you have the mentioned feeling or share the described perspective. Items involving changes in body imagehypochondriasisand difficulty working were replaced. Beckis a question multiple-choice self-report inventoryone of the most widely used psychometric tests for measuring the severity of depression.

BDI-S cut off score. If such a value is obtained, the BDI-S should be administered a second time two weeks after the first occasion of measurement. Seventeen depressive patients were randomly assigned to either the PP group or the control group. As a second strategy, the number of items could be reduced. In participants with concomitant physical illness the BDI’s reliance on physical symptoms such as fatigue may artificially inflate scores due to symptoms of the illness, rather than of depression.


Finally, participants were asked to rate how they have been feeling for the past two weeks, as opposed to the past week as in the original BDI. I put off making decisions. Retrieved from ” https: Patients in the PP group wrote down the best possible self for one week and then three good things for another two weeks. Validity of a Brief Depression Severity Measure”.

One measure of an instrument’s usefulness is to see how closely it agrees with another similar instrument that has been validated against information from a clinical interview by a trained clinician. This response scale format implies that the total score of the BDI-S can vary from a minimum of 0 to a maximum inevntar The correlation between the modified BDI and social desirability.

Beck Depression Inventory

If the second BDI-S score again amounts to 35 or above, a careful clinical assessment xepressions highly recommended. For instance, there are two responses under the Mood heading that score a 2: The Psychological Corporation Inc. Values of 0, 1, 2, and 3 are assigned to the statements with larger values indicating more severe kinds of depressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

This deviation from perfect equivalence is trivially low with regard to practical applications of the BDI.