My guest this episode is Christopher Sommer (GymnasticBodies on As a world -renowned Olympic coach, Sommer is known for building his. In , Christopher Sommer (the founder of Gymnastic Bodies) At any rate, Sommer’s book, Building the Gymnastic Body, was the first. An Interview with Coach Christopher Sommer. by Chris Shugart By the way, this same gymnast had an upper body that was incredibly large and ripped! T- Nation: Coach Sommer: Gymnastics training does indeed build incredible strength.

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Do you have to stop barbell training completely or does this supplement barbell training? My other bodyweight program experience was Convict Conditioning, which was a joke. I’m a former competitive gymnast and for many years now my primary focus has been on preparing athletes for the USA Junior National Gymnastics Team.

Just scroll thru the comments section here. I’ve heard good things about ‘Overcoming Gravity’, but haven’t had the pleasure of reading it.

I followed it strictly for 8 christopheer total, training at home because I had no money. A picture of someone doing a bench press isn’t enough to get you to boyd bench lbs. The are four steps to the Gymnastic Bodies curriculum and proceed in order from step 1 to step 4.

While the course content is light it’s to encourage people to post form checks, something people are shockingly shy to do. Tim, concerning bodyweight training, you have to interview Olivier Lafay! Yes, Fundamentals would be the first step.



But after some time I came to some realizations. So he really shouldn’t be surprised that it gets disseminated. For some people, it can take years to achieve perfect gymnastic form for an exercise progression. Brian rated it really liked it Dec 30, Mobility work can be integrated with any other training modality. There are other pieces there on the blog that give insight as to why we do the things we do, and why we are committed to explicitly open learning systems. I am confused by this website… I would walk away from this because it is expensive but having listened to the podcast and reading comments here seems like the program I need.

How Gymnastic Bodies Compares to GMB

Why then would F4 be a prerequisite?! You mentioned 41 minute mark supplemental knee work Tim. Shows how much I know, thanks. Fi and Junior here are two of our clients, and Junior went on to become one of our Lead Trainers.

Those huge, muscular arms! And if it is, how’s that possible?

Gymnastic Bodies & Christopher Sommer Review | GMB Fitness

As to buildig comment on trying everything, I want to address it from a clinician standpoint for a moment. This comes across way more as a marketing podcast helping a client sell than a neat idea, or thing to try.

And there is no christophef whatsoever with the goals of GST. The number of talented, intelligent and interesting people he has exorcised from the community because they have dared to disagree with him is ridiculously long.


Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Having known how GB has changed over the years since I checked in late I have been on the edge of verbal protest. Mugsy Bogues was only 5’2″ and played tthe the NBA, but we all know that those exceptions are few and far between.

In addition to the excellent online courses designed by Coach Sommer, GymnasticBodies also has a handful of Affiliates worldwide that provide well structured, hands on coaching in GST, based on the GB protocols. As much as he may have had some influence on how these movements came into the mainstream, bodyweight exercise has clearly been around forever, and the specific use of gymnastic style training for physical conditioning has a long tradition.

I do not remember how I discovered GB. The Jefferson Curl, as Sommer points out, is an ggmnastic exercise, which — as Grilley points out with potentially injurious postures in Yin — should be approached with a HIGH degree of care and introspection Sommer: