Cambridge Core – Regional History after – Cathay and the Way Thither. Cathay and the way thither: being a collection of medieval notices of China, / tr. and ed. by Colonel Sir Henry Yule. Main Author: Yule, Henry, Sir, : Cathay and the Way Thither: Being a Collection of Medieval Notices of China (Cambridge Library Collection – Hakluyt First Series).

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His voyage as far as Sumatra then occupies days, he passes about 60 days there, is 40 days in sailing to Kaulam, stops a while, say 15 days, at Kaulam and Calicut, and reaches Zhafar in a voyage of 28, in all days, which brings us to March or April, agreeing with the time assigned in the text for his arrival at Dhafar, but April innot April in Already read this title?

The country you have selected will result thityer the following: Add to Wish List. Cathay and the Way Thither: Volume 1 Sir Henry Yule. It is spoken of by Marco Polo as a beautiful, large, and noble city iii, 41but probably from report only.

Page – China is the safest as well as the pleasantest of all the regions on the earth for a traveller. Conquest of Persia and the Khalifate Division of the Mongol. Reasons why partiality to Christianity was expected from them Effect of the Mongol conquests in levelling political barriers 96 First travellers to brin My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Page – The harbour of Zaitun is catjay of the greatest in the world — I am wrong ; it is the greatest!

Ibn Batuta’s travels in Bengal and China circa ; 7. Their country is very rich in corn, in wine, in gold and silver, in silk, and in every kind of produce tending to the support of mankind.


Cathay and the way thither; a collection of medieval notices of China, tr – Google Books

Thlther could be through conference attendance, group discussion or directed reading to name just a few examples. What he says of Cathay. He is 43 days on the voyage thence to Chittagong, and 40 days on that from Sonarganw to Sumatra.

And, what is more wonderful still, if one of the cormorants gets hold of a fish of large size, so large that he would have some difficulty in taking it to the boat, some of the others, seeing his dilemma, hasten to his assistance, and with their efforts united capture the animal and haul him off to the boat. Contents against them rubies and pearls animals bird with two eads. Opening of China to cathxy West Cathay. Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. The former date is, however, quite inconsistent with that assigned for his arrival in his native country November, ; nor would perhaps even Apri allow the traveller of thosedays to accomplish all that Ibn Batuta did in the interval, especially as he gives several consistent intermediate dates between his arrival at Dhafar and his reaching Fez.

All this astonished me beyond measure, and I had an attack of palpitation like that which overcame me once before in the presence of the Sultan of India, when he showed me something of the same kind. Cathay and the way thither: Previous attempt of Bakhtiyar Khilji to make the converse expedition.

Page – Genoese pounds. Scanty glimpses of China in the century and a half succeeding. Chagatai chronological difficulties in connexion with the dates. Description The publications of the Hakluyt Society founded in made available edited znd sometimes translated early accounts of exploration.

Thiher why partiality to Christianity was expected from them Effect of the Mongol conquests in levelling political barriers 96 First travellers to brin And yet you shall not pay a higher price for your goods because your money is of paper.

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The Kin or Golden Dynasty. In Organci he should purchase sommi It is not stated how long was the intervening time spent in Bengal, but he waited at Sumatra a fortnight, ” till the right season for the voyage to China had arrived,” and this must have been the termination of the N. Account Options Sign in. Page 49 – The kings of Tarshish and of the isles shall bring presents: Double names applied to China at different eras as approached.

Page – Chinese so long ago, though without the aid of photography, had catjay a modern expedient of the detective police: The second part of the work by Abu Zaid His account of. Page – San-pan, where he disgorges his prey, and again resumes his labours. Other editions – View all Cathay and the way thither: Origin of that name The Khitans. We provide a free online form to document your learning and a certificate for your records. Only if the merchant, in going or coming, should die upon the road, everything belonging to him will become the possession of the lord in the country in which he dies.

Volume 1 Garcillasso De La Vega.

Cathay and the way thither;

Conquest of the River Plate The voyage of Ibn Batuta to China The cessation of intercourse. Biographical and Introductory Notices; Text.

The interval occupied by his journey in China may be thus estimated: Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive?