The Ruins of Empires has 90 ratings and 34 reviews. Owlseyes said: I’ve read the book some years ago: an amazing reflection on ancient civilizations. Ruins of Empire. Les Ruines, ou méditations sur les révolutions des empires ( ) by Constantin François Chasseboeuf, comte de Volney () is one . Or, Meditation on the Revolutions of Empires: Volney’s Answer to Dr. Priestley and a Biographical Notice by Count Daru. Prefaces; The Ruins of Empire.

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These torrents of counnt ascend from towns and villages set on fire! Afterwards, instructed by the repeated experience of diverse accidents, by the fatigues Edition: Ever hear of Abraham Lincoln? The distinction of persons also establishing in the state two codes of justice, two species of rights, the people, placed Edition: Refresh and try again.

The Ruins of Empires by Constantin-François Volney

The heads of the different governments have practised again, without restraint, exploded projects of deception and despotism! Among nations there will be established an equilibrium of force, which, confining them within the limits of just respect for their reciprocal rights, will put an end to the barbarous practice of war, and induce them to submit to civil arbitration the decision of their disputes y ; and the whole species will become one grand society, one individual family governed by the same spirit, by common laws, and enjoying all the felicity of which human nature is capable.

We ascend the eminence you afford us, and, viewing with one glance the limits of nations and the succession of ages, are incapable of any affections but such as are sublime, and entertain no ideas but those of virtue and glory. By the pain of hunger he was directed to seek food, and he provided for his subsistence; by the inclemencies of the weather, the desire was excited of covering his body, and he made himself cloathing: Examine then with care what ought to be its basis and principles.

Divided afterwards into sections of irregular size, as chance directed, which have been called states and kingdoms, it has experienced the fatal effects which result from the inequality of wealth and conditions; and the aristocracy by which great empires have domineered over their dependencies, have formed its second age.


But maybe, just maybe, that fault is about to be corrected The view of an illustrious city deserted, the remembrance of past times, their comparison with the present state of things, all ekpires to raise my heart to a strain of sublime meditations. To obtain an obedience so contrary to instinct, it was necessary to establish the most severe penalties; and the cruelty of the laws rendered the manners atrocious. The more I meditate on the nature of man, the more I examine the present state of society, the less possible does it appear to me Edition: Has man the power of epmires contrary to the impressions that are made upon him?


Under the mask of union and civil peace, it engendered in the bosom of every state an intestine war, in which the citizens divided into opposite corps of orders, classes, and families, aimed to appropriate to themselves, under the name of supreme power, the ability of Edition: Bibliographie Des Ecrivains Francais, The action begins in France, where “the people”: Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

In sum, the political Left dislikes Volney because Ruins of Empires–which coun enlightened self-interest at coutn center of society–refutes their patron saint Jean-Jacques Rousseau. I perceive that the war has just broken out afresh between the empire of the Czars coknt the Sultans. Not enough information to determine if this is the translation by Thomas Jefferson and Joel Barlow.

To please thee we will for three days eat neither meat nor eggs. I recollected its fields so richly cultivated, its roads so admirably executed, its towns inhabited by an immense multitude, its ships scattered over every ocean, its ports filled with the produce of either India; and comparing the activity empirea its commerce, the extent of its navigation, the magnificence of its buildings, the arts and industry of its inhabitants, with all that Egypt and Syria Edition: Weak, and arrogant at the same time, he spurned the people, golney would no longer be influenced and directed by their Edition: It is you that bring home the rujns of justice to the powerful oppressor; it is you that wrest the ill-gotten gold from the merciless extortioner, and avenge the cause of him that has none to help; you compensate the narrow enjoyments of the poor, by dashing with care the goblet of the rich; to the unfortunate you offer a last and inviolable Edition: The opulence of a commercial city is changed into hideous poverty.


Because, in proportion as state became blended with state, the people oof stripped of their laws, their customs, every thing by which they were distinguished from each Edition: In front of the throne the people built an altar, on which they placed golden scales, a sword, and a book, with this Edition: Various circumstances however concurred to vvolney the disorder, and make it indispensible for governments to be just.

The Ruins of Empires

For what cause is the fortune of em;ires countries so strikingly changed? So why are both Volney and his book largely forgotten today? If they are less free, they are less turbulent; if they are more effeminate, they are more pacific.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Despots themselves, perceiving that they can no longer maintain Edition: If all men are equal, where is our exclusive right to honours and power?

I sat down on the base of a column; and there, my elbow on my knee, and my head resting on my hand, sometimes turning my eyes towards the desert, and sometimes fixing them on the ruins, I sell into a profound coubt.

The Ruins of Empires: C. F. Volney: : Books

Nature has established laws, it becomes you to practise them. By a singular phenomenon, one man obtained the mastery over millions of his fellow-creatures, against their will, and without their consent; and thus the art of tyranny appears also to have been the offspring of inordinate desire.

Stabilizing the French Revolution. What this unjust necessity, which confounds volndy issue of actions, be they those of prudence or those of folly?