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It is expressed in mhos. W 5 cable weight in lbs. Routine periodic DC maintenance testing of cable for the evaluation of the insulation strength is not a common practice. To convert in the reverse direction, divide by the factor given in the table.

Humidity, condensation or actual precipitation on the surface of a cable termination can increase the leakage current by several orders of magnitude. The armor extends the life while improving the reliability, safety and performance of the cable core. These units are portable, commercially available devices which can be used in the field to locate some types of conductor breaks or shorts.

Jacket As with conventional metallic cables, the jacket protects the core from the external environment. This family covenon cables is electrically and dimensionally interchangeable with silicone-glass insulated cables of equivalent sizes and is covered by Military Specification MIL-C That is, the currents in the two conductors are equal in magnitude but flowing in opposite directions. 222 uses are for rubberjacketed cords and conductors where flexibility is required, such as for use on take-up reels, over sheaves and extraflexible apparatus conductors.

A circular mil is a unit of area equal to the area of a circle one mil in diameter. ENDS — In braiding, the number of essentially parallel wires or threads on a carrier. Also known as Splicing loss and Transfer loss. Considering the substantial amount of cable present on a ship or submarine, a reduction in cable weight will have a considerable impact on the overall load, thus improving performance and increasing efficiency.


The area of a circle in circular mils is therefore equal to the square of its diameter covenkn mils. Operators must know the cvenin. Removal of the ignition source will extinguish the flame.


Feeding Cable onto Reel Care must be used when feeding cable onto the take-up reel. Nonmetallic Sheathed Cables The smaller sizes of nonmetallic sheathed cables are usually gripped directly by the conductors by forming them into a loop to which the pull wire or rope can be attached. The crest value of a lightning impulse voltage of a specified wave shape which a high-voltage cable or termination is required to withstand under specified conditions.

It is fairly flame retardant and can be made even more flame retardant by careful formulation. At the cable end having the highest elevation apply two layers of half-lapped HV insulating tape to act as a sealing covvenin.

The PE jacket and metal armoring isolate signal-carrying conductor pairs from moisture, mechanical damage, and lightning induced voltages. As the number of circular mils increase, the size of a wire increases. The most common polyolefins used in wire and cable include: A proof test can be made during the guarantee period. If more than one cable is involved the ends should be bound together with electrical tape before applying the grip overall.

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Covwnin organization that sets standards on various material tests for industry. The connector can be installed directly onto a tight buffered fiber. Samples of neoprene-jacketed cable, tested outdoors under constant exposure for 40 years, have remained tough, resilient, uncracked, and completely serviceable. Because of its high dielectric constant, however, it tends to be a poor insulator.

The environment must be carefully considered or test results may not be significant. Polyethylene PE Polyethylene has excellent electrical properties. The glass-based transmission cable occupies far less physical volume for an equivalent transmission capacity; the fibers are immune to electrical interference.


The most efficient transfer of energy from a vovenin to a load occurs when all parts of the system have the same impedance. Caution must also be used to prevent damage to the cable end as it is frequently utilized for hipot, continuity, or other tests. Tefzel is a thermoplastic material having excellent electrical properties, heat resistance, chemical resistance, toughness, radiation resistance, and flame resistance.

Dry nitrogen is available from welding gas suppliers. Elevator lighting and control cable. A cable may be listed as riser cable if the flame does not propagate up to the floor of the third level. In portable cord terminology, each letter of the cable type indicates covein construction of the cable.

Must be protected from sulfurous atmospheres. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Halar is a registered trademark of Ausimont, Inc. Properly compounded, CPE will withstand prolonged immersion in water. All applicable warranties are provided by the manufacturer. Ohms per 1, feet 5 0.

Anixter Wire & Cable Technical Information Handbook

In conjunction with microwave and satellite transmission, copper and fiber optic cables provide the communication links that have become essential to society. Therefore, the current-carrying capacity is materially affected by the ambient temperature as well as by the installation conditions.

CPE compares favorably with most other currently 2262 synthetic elastomers used for cable jacketing.

The direct current test may be applied either continuously or in predetermined steps to the maximum value in accordance with applicable specifications: A value of 1. In some designs, the insulating material may also serve as the protective covering.

It will not support combustion, but under the right conditions of excessive heat, oxygen supply, and flame source it will burn slowly.