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The “yajamAna” is “one who took deeksha, or a vow, to do yagnas. Mohini then easily retrieves the amrita back from the asuras and distributes it amongst the devatas.

Sri Vadiraja is praying Sri Krishna that he is always wining and winning. This particularly applies to Dhanvantari because Dhanvantari rupa is present in Chandra and Chandra is also known as being the King of Herbs.

When Sri Tivikrama took off his beautiful foot at the height, for measuring his foot nails touched Brahmanda universe resulting in making hole broken and God Ganga river which was there outside the universe started flowing inside the universe through this.

These 22 syllables are split into 7,7,7, and 1 syllable partitions in the following manner: He also blessed great people like Shabari, the tribal born women, Jatayu, the one who is born in the family of eating dead bodies and flushes etc and Dsahavatara, the one who is born in the family of demons. Although the word splits shown above facilitate recital, the actual padachCheda for arthAnusandhAna word splits dasgavatara will help in grasping the meaning is as follows: By the blessings of Sri Krishna Pandavas completed the period of living in woods vanavasa and were living in disguise in the court of the king Virata who is lower in their cadre.


The asura avesha presence inside of Bali leaves and Bali realizes Paramatma’s omnipotence.

|| ಶ್ರೀ ದಶಾವತಾರಸ್ತೋತ್ರಮ್ ||

But the sinful asuras or demons taken understood his preaching in wrongful meaning and started practising the same by blaming the vaidic stiti. Yes, that is true. Any others who provide protection can only do so using the power given by Paramatma.

One interpretation can mean that Saraswati, ParvatI, and LakShmI are experts in conducting exams to others on Vedas and proper characteristics i. Ironically, the boon which Hiranyakashipu asks in order to become invincible actually defines the way in which he dies.

Shri Devi is the satva guna dashaatara for what we consider to be good gunas kindness, compassion, devotion, etc. Before understanding this verse, it will be helpful to know the background story for this avatAra, which is described in detail in Bhagavata.

In your dsshavatara you have kept all vedas scriptures permanently firmly without any movement. Sri Hari who is in the form of Sri Vamana is worthy of praying. We can think of at least two reasons. Dqshavatara great saint Vishwamitra, who acquired heaven and earth by doing penance, invited Sri Rama to the forest he fulfiled his ambition and blessed him by going along with him.

Then Swamiji assured him that he will take care of the horse and started going near to the horse, suddenly the horse disappeared from the scene.

The same Sri Krishna use to roam around Vrindavan by killing all demons living there. Hiranyakashipu is angered by this and torments Prahlad, attempting to have him killed by drowning, burning, poisoning, and numerous other ways. Although these three devataas are having such qualities, after seeing Sri Hari in the form of Sri Naryani Mohani, women their minds were disturbed.


Dashavatara Stuti – Prostisha Vigraha by ShreeVishnu Nandagudi | Free Listening on SoundCloud

His body with all organs of the body are shining like splendour and Sri Vadiraja is praying that he is his own person who stkti to protect him. This serves as a symbolic gesture of Bali’s surrender to Narayana. The ocean also looks dangerous by the presence of big whales and other similar animals, in the same ocean you are roaming viharisu. Chrome Firefox Safari Internet Explorer.

Dashavatara Stuti –

Sri Rama along with Nila, Angadha monkeys has built a bridge across the ocean and crossed the dashavatarw. Hiranyaksha steals the earth itself and tilts it off of its axis. M S Raghunandan February 3, at 2: The bodies “anga” which experience this excitedness belong to the cluster “ali” of devatas “amara”all of whom praised “nuta” Vamana. Vishnu tells the devatas to enlist the help of the asuras by telling them that they will also get the amrita, even though Vishnu will ensure that only dahavatara devatas will actually receive the amrita.

When he lifted the earth from his pointed tooth kore hallu dashavvatara, with the black portion of the earth and his white pointed tooth were looking like decorated black water-lily naidele flowers.

The original meaning was told to demi gods or devataas by himself in deva loka adobe. The full adjective “yajamAnA sureshavasudhAdAnAya yAchanika” means “one who appears as an ascetic to get back the earth lands stolen by Bali Chakravarti, the king of asuras who has taken deeksha to do yagnas for the sake of power.