In the shadows of civilization, the offspring of the forbidden union between humans and vampires struggle to find their place in a hostile world. These scions of. RPG Item: Dhampir: Scions of the Night» Forums» House Rules · Post Thread | Subscribe sub options. There are no messages in this forum. Hot on Amazon. Relations: As dhampirs are scions of evil, few races view them favorably. They share . Many denizens of the night are particularly vulnerable to the sun’s brutal .

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Viverror December 30, nwright Divine Archetypes: Sell in the Open Gaming Store!

Notify me of new comments via email. Other humanoid races, such as dwarveselves, and halflingssimply shun them. The following alternate racial traits may be selected in place of one or more of the standard racial traits above.

A character or creature vulnerable to sunlight syndrome—typically a member of a race with light sensitivity —must attempt a DC 20 Fortitude saving throw at the end of any day during which he spent more than 1 hour exposed to sunlight.

Add 1 to your Dexterity ability. I already mentioned the modularity of the class, but not the extent: Often born in secret and abandoned at orphanages or left to die on the outskirts of town, they tend to live solitary lives as exiles and outcasts. You can instinctively sense when a living enemy you can see is at half or below their maximum health and can immediately make a TN 11 Perception Smelling test when a bleeding creature is within 10 yards of you, revealing its direction but not its exact location until it is within reach.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Roll twice on the Dhampir Benefits table for additional benefits. Pick one of the following ability focuses: Ajibachanas understand how avaricious vetalas and mortals can be, and thus many of the wiser ones become ascetics, preferring knowledge over gold and ever fearful of becoming as covetous as their ancestors.


Stephens, Todd Stewart, and Russ Taylor. Extras Shop the Open Gaming Store! Some seek isolation, some revenge, and some even Their own glorification-or destruction-as adventurers.

Scilns little formal training, a great many of these journeyers become fighters and rogues. Vampires sometimes deflower virgins as well. A dhampir female dhampiresa in is the child hybrid resulting from the rare and unnatural union of one human and one vampire parent; they are half-breeds, not vampires themselves.

Regardless of their reasons, most dhampirs simply feel more at dhamipr on the road than in a settlement. If the saving throw succeeds, he faces no ill effects.

After 24 hours, any negative levels a dhampir takes are removed without the need for an additional saving throw. Some legends state they have untamed dark or black hair and lack a shadow. The half-living children of vampires birthed by human females, dhampirs are progenies of both horror and tragedy. Playing A Dhampir If you choose to play a dhampirmodify your character as follows:. Which characters or races are vulnerable to sunlight syndrome varies from game to game.

While I get the intention behind this decision, this essentially forces me to design rules for the thirst myself and would have made for an awesome way to balance the above average powers of the dhampir when compared to other races. Individuals acquire the cultural beliefs and teachings of the regions in which they grew up, and adopt additional philosophies over the course of nigjt complex lives.

Shop the Open Gaming Store! Dhampirs are taller than their mortal parent and depending on the vampire that sired them, some are beautiful and statuesque in ths features while others are feral and ghoulish.

This condition lasts until the character spends 24 hours unconscious in an area of dim light or darkness with at least two-thirds of his body buried in cool earth, rocks, or sand.

Next is the fact that obviously not all of the choices and drawbacks are balanced among another, some being obviously better choices than others and, when combined correctly, may create dcions character that is superior to other races.


Dhampir – Scions of the Night

Your bloodlust spurs your blows. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. Presented here dbampir alternative dhampirs descended from specific breeds of vampires. You must be logged in to post a comment. All dhampirs have elongated incisors. Most dhampirs succumb to the evil within their blood. Shop the Open Gaming Store!

Wesley Schneider, Owen K. We nught get 10 new alternate favored class options and all in all, I did not have a problem tne any of the options presented. Although not driven to consume blood for survival as their undead progenitors are, dhampirs nonetheless know a lifelong desire for blood that nothing else can truly sate. Intelligence Etiquette Focus: If they are not chased from their homes by the time they hit puberty, nosferatu -born usually leave of their own volition as soon as possible.

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While the writing by Landon Bellavia is concise and very nigh and the dhampir offers a plethora of options to represent heritage from different bloodlines, I maintain that the pdf has some shortcomings that dhmpir an otherwise excellent offering: Environment any land Organization solitary, pair, or court 3—8 and 1 vampire Treasure NPC gear chain shirt, rapier, other treasure.

The character is helpless during this time. Humans dhamoir them with a combination of fear and pity, though such feelings often devolve into hatred and violence. Ultimately, the majority of evil dhampirs regard their allies as little more than tools or fodder. In folklore, possible indications include being “very dirty,” having a soft body, no nails and bones the latter physical peculiarity is also ascribed to the vampire itselfand “a deep mark on the back, like a tail.

Their movements are typically stiff and awkward.