The Kombo SD is a cutting plotter with the working area of 1 x 2 mm, but is Elitron’s systems are equipped with multi-tool heads for cutting, milling. Elitron Kombo SD is a complete range of KOMBO plotters for automatic cutting and finishing specifically engineered to meet the new requirements in the digital . Elitron Kombo SD is the CAD/CAM integrated system for the cutting and the finishing of materials for graphics, posters, digital printing and many other sectors .

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The standard maximum cutting thickness is 20mm although this can be increased to 50 or mm as options.

A simple click is then enough to start cutting. The most advanced and productive cutter we’ve ever seen! Multi-Tool Cutting Head Every job requires a dedicated tool. The Standard version is fitted to the all the Elitrom Range and sees the reference points on the sheet, locates the reference points for the images but does not load the cutting profiles. Seeker System A visible innovation, thanks to the innovative vision system patented by Elitron, simply position the sheet freely on the working area, without any restrictions.

This prevents waste and allows you to fully use of any leftover materials. In short, greater profitability for your business. Choose the CAD solution:: Virtual Die Projection System: Projection System This option maximises the yield from your materials by projecting images onto the media beneath. Every job requires a dedicated tool.


The material can then be used accordingly. Elitron Kombo SD Plus.

Hall 06 – Stand D42

This flexible dieless finishing system cuts production times and reduces costs whilst offering maximum versatility for both short and complex production runs.

The operator can then see exactly elirton to plan the use of leftovers, half sheets etc. More information about Seeker System. With a simple click you can position the shapes as you prefer, in order to optimise the available material. The automatic pre-setting function makes it extremely easy and quick to changeover cutting head and tools, thanks to their automatic registration.

Applications that accelerate and automate business processes GO. The multi-tool head can fit different tools to work all materials.

The Seeker Professional option does this too but also looks at each image individually then loads the profile and cutting information for each image. No blanking off, no excess noise. The multi tool head with auto tool change as an option, contains a marker pen, laser marker, standard camera, router, oscillating tool, drag knife, other tools include a kiss cutting knife, 45 degree knife for reboard, creasing wheel set and a rotating wheel for textiles.

This option comes in various grades depending on the material and duty it’s expected to perform.

Elitron Kombo SD Plus

Choose the CAM solution by: Everything else seems prehistoric by comparison. A dual system camera sees the sheet, recognises the printed images, loads the relative cutting files and identifies the position of the reference points.

The working a rea is equipped with a powerful multi sectioned vacuum system that allows to fo cus the power only where it’s needed. It is possible to work different materials contemporarily thanks to the vast selection of flexible functions.


The powerful high resolution bright video projection eitron clearly projects the shapes to be cut onto the sheet. More performance, more speed, more productivity.

Kombo SD+ – Elitron

Nesting can be done automatically or manually by the operator, using the mouse. Videoprojection The powerful high resolution bright video projection system clearly projects the shapes to be cut onto the sheet.

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Engineering software with a never seen facility GO. Easy to use and flexible, as with all the Elitron systems, with fewer delays during production, less labour costs and faster completion of individual jobs.

Automatic Nesting Elitron Sofware can automatically arrange the images for a given size of sheet or have been detected by the Seeker Pro and make the most economical use of the materials on the bed.

A visible innovation, thanks to the innovative vision system patented by Elitron, simply position the sheet freely on the working area, without any restrictions. So with the Pro you could put, Forex, banner, Dibond all together on the bed and the images would be recognised, ad correct cutting profile loaded, the correct tools chosen for each job and the Kombo would then automatically proceed with the cutting.