Satie, Erik Sports et Divertissements 1. Choral inappetissant sheet music for Piano – Download Sports et divertissements by Erik Satie for free from

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Satie’s first-person narrative is one of his most whimsical divegtissements creations, an absurdist nature-setting in which rabbits sing, nightingales hide in burrows, and owls breast-feed their young.

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Sports et divertissements – Wikipedia

The composer had a specific musical sequence in mind inwhich upon further reflection he changed for the public premiere. The Complete Piano Music, Vol.

These bibliophile volumes were not for sale but were reserved for the Librairie Maynial.

A man leads a woman into the surf, cautioning her, divertisswments sit at the bottom. It was reprinted in I dedicate this Chorale to those who do not like me. Erik Satie Complete Edition.

The more reluctant of the two is persuaded with dubious reassurances “You will feel as if you were falling off a scaffolding”. Gazette staffer Valentine Hugo then recommended Satie, with whom she had recently become friends. Gillmor observed that “In several of the pieces Satie indulges diverrtissements a kind of Augenmusik wherein the musical score is an obvious graphic representation spors the activity being depicted. His march-like theme remarkably prefigures Vincent Youmans ‘ classic song Tea for Two.

Sports et divertissements (Sports… | Details | AllMusic

He used the chorale form – that “symbol of Wports piety and music pedagogy” [28] much employed by Bach – in several compositions to thumb his nose at the academic, the stupid and conformist.

Each piece in this set is very short, none more than four lines long, and each is accompanied by a small poem, and by Satie ‘s irreverent verbal commentary.


Musically it represents the peak of Soprts humoristic piano suitesbut stands apart from that series in its fusion of several different art forms. Satie and His Songs.

Sports et divertissements (Sports and diversions), pieces (21) for piano

List of compositions by Erik Satie Portal: Myers’ biography Erik Satiein which he ranked Sports with a handful of Satie compositions that are “outstanding and cannot be ignored by any student of contemporary music.

L’Oeuvre pour piano, Vols. The set consists of a prefatory chorale and 20 musical vignettes depicting various sports and leisure activities.

Author Blaise Cendrars recalled a experience helping the composer cash a large check in Paris and then trying to get him safely home with the money, while Satie insisted on stopping for meals, drinks, and to stock up on cigars and his favorite detachable collars of which he bought a gross. Compositions by Erik Satie 20th-century classical music Compositions for solo piano compositions. There has nevertheless arisen a debatable performance tradition which presents Sports as a multi-media concert experience.

English translation by Todd Niquette. The very rare first set, copies 1 to 10, included both Martin’s original illustrations and his pochoir prints, his engraved Table of Contents and individual title pages, and cameos decorating the latter. Steven Moore Whiting wrote of this piece, “It is as if Satie had discovered in the same formula that Stravinsky would apply in Pulcinella six years later. An impetuous man tries to seduce an uninterested woman by telling her “nice things He offered no opinion of Debussy’s score.

In this boisterous aubade members of a wedding party arrive to rouse the newlywed bride from her marriage bed. Alan Gillmor very elegantly has described Sports et divertissements as “the one work in which the variegated strands of Satie ‘s artistic experience are unselfconsciously woven into a fragile tapestry of sight and sound — a precarious union of Satie the musician, the poet, and the calligrapher.


The music, while depicting the back-and-forth of the players, is strangely dark and ambiguous; and the implied eroticism that pervaded the choreography of Jeux is trivialized in Satie’s text, in which the spectator-narrator mixes prosaic sensual observations “What good-looking legs he has Extramusical commentary was becoming increasingly prominent in his keyboard works of the period, and in Sports he indulged this by writing a surrealistic prose poem on each theme; he then meticulously calligraphed these into his India ink scores, in black ink for the notes and words and red ink for the staves.

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Satie – Sports et Divertissements 1. Choral inappetissant sheet music for Piano

Originally published in by Denis Dobson Ltd. Satie answers with an ambivalent zports coda – similar to the ending of Colin-Maillard – and adds the playing direction “Hold back considerably.

What one loses in merely listening is marginal – such is the expressivity and precision of Satie’s musical formulation. Patrick Gowerswriting for The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians indescribed the multi-faceted yet intimate nature of Sports et divertissements as “a private art that tends to resist public performance.

The numbers refer to the sequence chosen by Vogel, published in subsequent editions and cited in this article. Streams Videos All Posts. In a Neapolitan manner.