FlowJo® is an integrated environment for viewing and analyzing flow cytometric data, called a workspace. The workspace lists all of the sample. I am a beginner in flow cytometry and would like any recommendations on any courses or online tutorials that people have found useful for learning how to use. The FlowJo v10 Workspace. • A graphical Importing Data Into FlowJo. Three possible . Webinars on basic and advanced features of. FlowJo, held on the 1st .

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When the cursor becomes a percent sign you can move the frequency number to a new location. We seek tutoriaal feedback! Analyze the control sample in detail The purpose of this Quick Reference is to provide a simple step by step outline of the information needed to perform various tasks on the system.

Both use similar methods of defining the samples to be included in the report, and how FlowJo will iterate among them. Working With Charts, Part Chemistry Excel Microsoft This workshop is designed to show you several functionalities of Microsoft Excel and particularly how it applies to your chemistry course. Selecting the Chart Options 1.

Generate statistics and subpopulations based on the subset of cells that have responded to stimulation. Compensation in flow cytometry.

FlowJo Basic Tutorial Lesson 2: Gating (5 of 13)

Welcome to CorelDRAW, a comprehensive vector-based drawing and graphic-design program for the graphics professional.


It appears in the Statistic column. FlowJo Compensation Tutorial – video 2.

Table of Contents Graphing with Excel 1 1. Professional looking charts give visual enhancement to your statistics, fiscal reports or presentation.

Welcome to Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Statgraphics Getting started The aim of this exercise is to introduce you to some of the basic features of the Statgraphics software. Chapter 2 Tutorial Tutorial Introduction This tutorial is designed to introduce you to some of Surfer’s basic features. Plots, Curve-Fitting, and Tutoiral Modeling in Microsoft Excel This handout offers some tips on making nice plots of data collected in your lab experiments, as well as instruction on how to tutorixl the built-in.

Proliferation Studies – model the frequency of successive generations, and gate cells by the number of divisions undergone, as measured by intensity of CFSE, or other intracellular dye. Folder containing all data 1. Manual analysis movie tutorial.

Copy Override Market price overrides can be copied from one match year to another Market Price Override can be accessed from the Job Matches.

First, FlowJo gives you the ability to make sure that all of your samples are analyzed identically, that they have the exact same gates, statistics, and other analyses, in order to limit subjectivity in the experiment. The goal of this titration experiment is to determine the concentration of the anti-cd8-fitc reagent that achieves saturating staining; i.

Visual information about the cell population in the saturated area of the plot is lost. Jackson ImmunoResearch Tutroial quality secondary antibodies. Microsoft Chemistry Excel Microsoft This workshop is designed to show you several functionalities of Microsoft Excel and particularly how it applies to your chemistry course.


FlowJo Basic Tutorial

We begin with basic tasks. You can use Access to manage anything from a home inventory to a giant. Customizing the Graph Plotting: Generate a graphical report Step 6: Generate a table of statistics from All Samples. BoxStatesboro, GA More information. You can learn more about the program at the links below. A chart may be embedded More information. FlowJo placed the name of your gate, Lymphocytes in a new row underneath Sample 2. With these three features, FlowJo provides an analysis environment that can be as rigorous or as flexible as you need.

The computed statistics will be used to determine the most economical concentration of anti-cd8-fitc reagent to use in subsequent experiments.

Log in to your PC, using the usual procedure More information. With PowerPoint, you can create engaging presentations that can be presented in person, online, More information.

There are several gating tools for bivariate plots.

Scale and More information. Samples are the FCS files coming from the cytometer.