SOCIAL DILEMMA: HOMOSEXUALITY Homosexuals in the Philippine Society as Depicted in “Geyluv” by Honorio Bartolome De Dios my voice, the ocean’s bell. Here is Geyluv written by Honorio Bartolome de Dios. Gey Luv Honorio Bartolome de Dios’ “Geyluv” states a love story of two individuals in the personsof Benjie and Mike who belong to the same sex. It talks about.

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The two presented several aspects of homosexuality in our society.

Pinanghalong Nanette medbed at Dawn Zulueta ang beauty ng bruha. We are all people.

Homosexual individuals may have different perspectives in life but that does not give an excuse to anybody to discriminate them. It also proves that some homosexuals are afraid to come out because they feel that people have not accepted them. Sa ngayon patuloy pa rin ang kanyang paghahanap at ang pinagyayamang karanasan ang ginagamit niyang panulat upang lumikha ng mga kuwentong sumasalamin sa buhay ng mga bakla sa isang lipunang may kinikilingan, mapagsamantala, walang pagkakapantay-pantay, pyudal, at patriyarkal.

I don’t see why some people should be discriminated either by race or gender. Hes a gay and eat your own ears, he would say. Homosexuals are also portrayed in the story as someone who does not deserve to be happy in terms of emotional aspect, most specifically in the aspect love. For being compatible in a lot of things and interests, they consequently became good friends. Log In Sign Up.

They drink together, watch movie together, or simply even eat together for meals. And he hopes that one day, God will help him to find such a guy. The typical gay or bakla, portrayed by the character of Benjie; was manifested by the manner of his speech in several lines from the story: Second, because he is unsure if what Mikes feeling is really true, and lastly, he thinks that he is just illusioning.

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But now, having been read and understood the feelings of gay people, I now understand how geylub feel. Sa mabangis na lungsod, ginalugad din niya ang mga suloksulok ng kabaklaan upang hanapin ang kanyang natatanging lugar sa lipunan.

It talks about how Benjie fell in love with Mike and how their relationship started to get more and more intimate.

They first met in a media party of the company of the latter and were brought for a same project at Zambales. Honorio De Dios served as an amplifier for the voice of this minority to be heard and be understood by the society. Ilang beses din siyang napaluhod, nadapa, at gsyluv sa kanyang paghahanap. I don’t have the option of being attracted to other men. Sa bawat kuwento ay hindi lamang ang problema ng bakla sa sarili ang pinoproblema ng bawat tauhan: It also talks about how friendship and closeness can sometimes lead to something more.

Post on Nov 1. You simply don’t choose vy you are attracted to.


Their gay or jolly personality is also quite obvious in the way he speaks. It is a beautiful thing for all. It will keep on burning the fire of reality that whatever we do, accept it or not, homosexuality is existing and growing in our society. Click here to sign up. They should be treated equally as any other else because just like any other people, they also have their rights particularly the basic rights such as, the right to live in accordance to their will and the right not to be treated indifferently.

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If someone told me the attraction I felt for women was wrong nartolome I hadto resist, I don’t think I could do it. Sadly, in the Philippine setting and in many parts of the world, the definition of dois is immorality and sin. Homosexuality is one of the most sensitive social issues nowadays. He also doubted it, but why should he, he told himself. Remember me on this computer. Ngunit hindi lang sa mga ito siya naging abala.


Scientific and medical understanding is that sexual orientation is not a choice, but rather a complex interplay of biological and environmental factors, especially with regard to early uterine environment. They were born men but why do they have to act like women? He has written it very realistically and effectively that one may think hes just voicing his own err.

Homosexual relationshipsand acts have been admired, as well as condemned, throughout recorded history, depending on the form they took and the culture in which they occurred.

Na-involve siya sa development work sa loob ng sampung taon. When he realized he was already falling for Benjie he found it weird and hard to accept.

Prejudice and discrimination against homosexual and bisexual people, however, have been shown to cause psychological harm. I think anyone who can truly believe it is bartoloem choice probably has issues with their own orientation they need to resolve.