So I have been seriously consider getting a kayak erg for this winter. When the weather gets really cold or the water freezes I would like to continue training. Does anyone know if there is a good brand kayak ergometer distributor in Sydney (or east coast), Australia? Last time I looked into it the only way you could . I recently completed the instructional video on how to build your own kayak ergometer from a Nordic Track ski machine. The plans and part list.

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KayakPro – Manufacturers and Designers of World Class Ergometers and Kayaks

I really would prefer not to break the bank, however I don’t want to buy something that would ultimately been disappointing and really hard to resell. You can also easily regulate fly-wheel drag for additional flexibility. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Erik wrote srgometer great review of the SpeedStroke Gym for Surfski.

The youtube video shows a device with a rounded bottom for balance training. Its smooth at the catch and really does feel like paddling. Buy the video plans from the original designer! You are best served by searching your local area to see if a Nordic Track ski machine is available for purchase first, since buying the parts separately would be even more costly.

The Stroke2max Kayak Ergometer, is a high-tech kayak simulator with an unparalleled authentic water feeling. Weba Racing Software enables you to run indoor kayak races via a PC and screen, or to set up group training sessions projected onto a screen to liven up indoor training.

Kayak Ergo

You are commenting using your WordPress. Homemade kayak ergometer from Nordic Track ski machine. Are there any opinions regarding the off-water training benefits of kayak ergometer versus rowing ergometer for surfski cross training? Stroke2max K1 Kayak Ergometers indoor kayak ergometers paddling ergometers canoe ergometers kayak simulator paddling simulator canoe simulator indoor kayak trainer. What is the kayka cost of materials?


DIY Kayak Ergometer Plans now available! – Dave The Kayaker

Powered by Kunena Forum. I have been toying around with the thought of ergmoeter one. Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation.

You might want to check on local availability first, but this video will also offer tips on how to get one for a great price or even free. What I really like about it is it’s size. How hard would it be to swap between the stable legs and the balance ones? Uffilation Offline Platinum Boarder Renpho Smart scale review. Every paddle stroke feels like a water stroke. Obviously re-used a lot of the old ski machine, in fact made it a priority to use only and all the parts from the machine.

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It looks like a less sexy version of the speedstroke, however the guts of it look to be the same. Last time I looked into it the only way you could get hold of a decent one here was to import from the US.

I figured if one side at a time workout works well enough to develop this machine then I could easily make one on my own. Does the design incorporate any of the electronics from the nordictrack to track distance and whatnot? As kaayk the models of Nordic Track skier, if it is an older ski model made with a wooden frame it will work. I think it is also perfect to ergometsr a lot of solid training for kids at school.

Video of the week Video of the Week – Sharon Armstrong The Stroke2max Kayak Ergometer is not only a leader in kayak realistic simulation but is also the most affordable Kayak ergometer on the market. I’m trying to figure out a way to retrofit my machine to add this feature on. I got the inspiration from the kayakpro catchforce. These plans assume you will be able to obtain an older style Nordic Track ski machine made from a wooden frame as you will be using some of the mechanical and wooden parts from it.

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DIY Kayak Ergometer Plans now available!

By the way ergo,eter be somebody selling already made jayak, with please I would buy Thanks Like Like. The “nose” is the old vertical, computer is the same, front legs were modified, back legs were the old skis. As for tools, yes, assuming you also have screwdrivers and a spade bit or two for your drill you should be fine. However, if you really want an erg that is close to the on-water experience, I confess that frgometer KayakPro Speedstroke GYM is beyond comparison.

With pleasure I would buy drawings but: Dianne, Your email address was indeed captured and came through via PayPal and your ordered was just processed. The foot position you use for your Kayak Ergometer has your feet almost touching together — looks like a surf ski type position to me. The following user s said Thank You: That Nordic Track will work. Protected by R Antispam. Index Recent Topics Search.

You could erggometer it in a few days. Before and after pictures the before isn’t my exact unit, I never actually took a picture before I started Ok, I can’t get picture to upload for some reason, they fail. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here My video plans assume you are starting with a complete machine.

Video of the week Video of the Week – Sharon Armstrong