LEON FESTINGER HENRY W. RIECKEN STANLEY SCHACHTER December 21 , /p/j- vi Table of Contents I Unfulfilled Prophecies and Disappointed Messiahs. When Prophecy Fails has ratings and 61 reviews. In Leon Festinger, a brilliant young experimental social psychologist in the process of outlining a. Leon Festinger of cognitive dissonance fame, along with colleagues, wrote a book titled When Prophecy Fails. It was an extended case study of.

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The researchers observed a group expecting spacemen to pick them up before a wgen flood, to see how they’d react to being wrong. Keech’s prayers were answered.

A Millerite editor, writing in retro- spect, commented: Trivia About When Prophecy Fai So clearly the researchers responsible for this book are at least partly to blame for some of the members of the cult selling of all their earthly possessions, being made a mockery of in the press, and ultimately being mind screwed, because no matter how you slice it they influenced this group of people.

They espied a fleeting social movement important to a line of research they were interested in and took after it. Naturally, as even Festinger admits, the advent of so many “c As a glimpse into the largely unknown world of Eisenhower era mysticism, the book is fascinating. A group of pie-holes in isolation who wait for their UFO’s and mystical ‘space-men’ to beam them up on one occasion whilst sining Christmas Carols on a suburban street corner as well as the channeled truths beamed in from the planet Clarion about an end of world flood on December 21 That is an earthly liaison duty before I come.


What do you do? Keech from the expert on flying saucers. Under these conditions, Festinger hypothesized, not only would a person persist in their belief, but they would become more convinced, and likely try to convert more followers. It does show that people will rationalize their way out of challenges to cherished beliefs: The idea that heavenly representatives will visit earth to instruct mankind through chosen instruments and to rescue those whose conduct and beliefs have marked them for salvation is older than Christianity.

Armstrong or- ganized “The Seekers,” a group for young people, principally college students, which met once a week to discuss ethical, reli- gious, metaphysical, and personal problems, always seeking truth. More important, it is also clear that his disciples recognized him as such.

Support for the new explanation is, hence, forthcoming and the members of the movement can recover somewhat from the shock of the dis- confirmation.

I recommend the hell out of this book. Keech’s followers learned about her.

That is what your scientists call the sonic barrier. Keech pre- dictions of specific future events, such as the landing of flying saucers and visits by space people.

Even then he talked only to his neigh- bors and to a few ministers, none of whom seemed to manifest much interest. Through such fxils and through the mock- ing and scoffing of nonbelievers there is usually established a heavy commitment on the part of believers. Prophevy number of adherents was growing steadily. She was fasci- nated by what she heard, and deeply impressed with the pro- fundity of the lecturer’s message. To ask other readers questions about When Prophecy Failsplease sign up.


What an odd, fascinating book this is!

The day the saucers didn’t come: The story of “When Prophecy Fails.” [Part I] –

How could the Messiah be subject to pain? As I reached it, I looked back and he was gone— just gone. Oahspe fesstinger the orthodox Christian account of human downfall by setting forth a story of the division of mankind into two forces: Keech in CoUegeville, she and the Armstrongs had formed a team. Her nearest approach to overt proselyting was to respond gracious- ly, when she was asked if they could call again or write, “My latchstring is always out.

The day the saucers didn’t come: The story of “When Prophecy Fails.” [Part I]

Books by Leon Festinger. So, under that model, our Imaginary You tm would admit to your inherent badness when confronted with the evidence if your misdeeds. The grosser ones will be as mad. They poured greater energy than ever before into obtaining new con- verts, and sent out missionaries, something they fesstinger had done before.

Keech’s extraordinary powers on Sunday afternoon, these must have been dispelled by Monday fesinger they read Sananda’s message and noted Mrs.