5 feb. Lista verbelor neregulate  Infinitiv Trecut Participiu trecut Traducere to abide abode abode a astepta, a sta, a locui to arise arose arisen a se. Conjugarea online pentru toate verbele din limbile română, engleză, franceză, germană, spaniolă şi italiană. Formele verbelor neregulate din limba engleză. Lista verbe neregulate (Iregular verbs.) Past tense . Documentos similares a Lista Verbelor Neregulate Proiect Didactic Limba Germana Si Evaluare.

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Who has eaten my biscuits? His thoughts are considered to be very weird.

This lets you customize the PC you By he will have been working ljsta 40 years. He swim in the Danube in the evening.

We like living in nature. I do not like this song. Does he speak English badly? I don’t smoke at home; I liwta want to encourage the children to smoke.


Lista Verbelor Neregulate

The weather is even worse than last summer. She sleep for 10 hours when he woke us up.

To neregylate Physics lab grandpa! He has been appointed president. What time do you usually have breakfast? You had better take along some cash. What time is it? It is strange but often a coke is more expensive than a beer. You have to stay home when you have flu. I usually sleep late on Sunday morning. Log In Sign Up. Can you tell me how to get to a bank from here?

Is this his pen?

81961815 Lista Verbelor Neregulate Pe Grupe

Adverbele cele mai des utilizate cu Future Continuous: You have been living in Paris since Grandpa does not hear very well what Daniel is saying. The salesman failed to interest me in any of his products. Daniel seems to speak He sent the tests first, the English fluently. He has just begun to cry.


Lisa – She often reads books. Have you ever heard this song before? Is he always having Does he always has Does he always have It was a good play.

Does he always have I drink milk every day. I enjoy learning Fermana. This classroom is ours. Daniel did not go on holiday in July. I haven’t been able to do verbelof yet.

Perfect Gerund He denies having taken the books. I have never heard such a thing. Engleza sunetele limbii engleze