LIZARDMEN WARBAND. By Tommy “Punk” Fransson. “Although the temple city is a ruin and the vaults of the Old Ones have been sealed there is no telling. Product Description. Sculpted by Faron Betchley, the lizardman warband is ready to defend their swampy homes from any intruders. Each pack comes with cruit and equip your initial Warband. The maximum number of warriors in the warband may never exceed Heroes. Skink Priest: Each Lizardmen warband.

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Roll a d6 to determine the blessing. This warbanf, as running and a model may not move if he already fired with a missile weapon.

Mordheim Lizardmen Warband | Lustria Online

For the time being its sufficent to send in small scout parties to attack plunderers that come too close to the vaults. The sacred spawning of the Old ones is so rare, that only one member of the warband is allowed to have it. Skinks are fast, agile and intelligent. Wednesday, 29 December Lizardmen warband.

Mordheim Lizardmen Warband

The Bite attack always strikes last, regardless of who charged or which weapon is used. You cannot hire anybody else before you awrband the new skink priest. Do not like that food — lizardmen have no use for halfling cookbook.

Javelins are throwing spears used frequently by skink hunters. Some skinks have seen part of the Great plan of the Old ones and act as emissaries of the slann, presenting their will to the others. The scouting warbands have use of tamed lizards and snakes in their task in the lands of warmbloods. The Skink Hoppers may be equipped from the Braves Equipment list. Skinks are swift and agile, they lack the brutal power of Saurus, but they are more intelligent and they can be deadly with missile weapons.


The orange marked heroes can add 2″ to their charge distance.

A lizardmen warband must include a minimum of three models. The Skink priest may be equipped from the Braves Equipment list. They may even succeed in opening a vault and steal the precious artefacts. Back to Tommy Punk’s Liazrdmen Articles. Chris 17 January at Yellow marked persons are the chosen of cold Tlazcotl.

They can hide after their movement llzardmen if they ran in the movement phase but only if they started the movement hidden. Old ones 40 gc The extremely rare albinos are marked by the old ones. Skink priest uses the skinks equipment list.

These liazrdmen individuals are given the task of guarding the skink priest on his dangerous journeys. Saurus are sufficiently intelligent to understand simple clear commands. The power of lizardmsn old one Tzunki lizarxmen the body of a chosen lizardman and increases his martial proves.

Infiltration – as skaven skill of the same name. As soon as a group of Skinks flee out of immediate danger they are likely to forget the experience and regroup for another reckless attack. Your Warband must include a minimum of 3 models and a maximum of 20 models. The Skink Priests are easily recognizable as they paint their skins black, and then add further paint to form the colourful mystic symbols associated with their god.

The Skink Braves may be equipped from the Braves Equipment list. The heat of the sun god Chotec fills his chosen with energy. Invoking the power of Huanchi the jaguar god of earth and night the natural stealth abilities of the skinks is enhanced to the lizardmn.

Lustrian jungle is full of countless species of reptile life. Sea green colour shows the mark of water deity Tzunki. This special mark means that they are chosen to greatness. The ruins of Mordheim resemble the ruined cities of Lustria and their jungle proficiency is all too useful in the woods surrounding Mordheim.


The spell affects all skinks within 6″ of the skink priest, including lizagdmen, and allows any model that is in cover to immediately to go into hiding.

These Hoppers, as they are known, have become skilled at scouting, tracking, ambushing and skirmishing. Skinks can never receive Strength skills.

They have no long range shooting modification. Shield liizardmen can be used with a sword, mace, axe or spear in the second hand. Kroxigor are gigantic cousins of the Saurus. See page 92 of the Mordheim rulebook for full rules. They probably don’t pose a threat but they do turn each building inside out.

Tales from the Maelstrom is a wargaming blog cataloguing our ongoing campaigns set in the Warhammer and Warhammer 40, universes. Nobody can resist his attack. If you are using the alternative combat system the -2 to WS do not count to see if the model is taken “Out of Action” due to a WS of 0.

Battle Roar – the saurus’s roar is so deafening, that enemy models in base contact suffer -1 to hit in the first round of combat against them. Great Sarband – Some skinks are so proficient with ranged weapons, their hands are steady and they shoot with unseen accuracy. This spell remains in play until the skink priest is taken out of action. Models waband looking great. Kroxigors resemble Saurus but are much bigger and more powerful creatures.

You have gold crowns or the lizardmen equivalent to lizarrdmen your initial warband.